4everLuv is very excited to be part of the EPIC: Sustainable Living Expo and Green Wedding Show Case taking place on May 11th, 12th and 13th 2012 at the new Vancouver Convention Centre.

Biggest thanks to Paul from The Garden Sanctuary, he will be providing us a beautiful EPIC floral arrangements for the show. The picture above, is one of his creative seasonal arrangements using spring quince blossoms*. For anyone that is curious, the Garden Sanctuary was also the one that created the beautiful arch for Joy & Scott’s beautiful wedding from our previous blog post.

A Green Wedding is when a couple decides to decrease the environmental impact of their wedding. All the decisions made by a couple such as: invitations, flowers, catering, gifts and photography are influenced by this mandate.

Couples can calculate the total Carbon Emissions for their wedding day, have a look at the carbon calculator from

We are aware that every day new ideas can be picked up and incorporated into our business and personal lifestyles. As a photography and design business, we have listed some of our principals on being GREEN.

  • 4everLuv use digital cameras for weddings, thus no harsh chemicals.
  • 4everLuv uses rechargeable batteries for cameras and flashes.
  • 4everLuv always recycles batteries, paper, containers and electronic goods are always taken to the correct facilities.
  • 4everLuv relies heavily on emails, social sites and web-based promotions.
  • 4everLuv does print on paper from time to time but we provide multiple uses in everything we print.
  • 4everLuv has private online galleries to view proofs, this can replace the traditional printed 4×6 proofs.
  • 4everLuv is always are searching and researching to find better and greener alternatives for wedding products.
  • 4everLuv is very excited to have found WHITE GLOVE, which is an eco-friendly wedding book manufacturer.
  • 4everLuv likes to reduce car travel; so we bikes and take public transit when not carrying lots of gear
  • 4everLuv makes a habit of turning off lights, electronics and computers when not using them.
  • 4everLuv supports locally made products and local businesses.
  • 4everLuv prefers to work with suppliers who have a green philosophy.
  • 4everLuv does not use disposable products like paper plates, plastic utensils etc.
  • 4everLuv always donates items which can no longer useful for us but can be useful for others, such as clothes, perishables, appliances and products.
  • 4everLuv uses environmentally sound washing powders and soaps.

We will no doubt be learning and incorporating more of new GREEN measures into our life after this weekend at the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo. We look forward to meeting lots of you in the next few days. For more info, tweet us!

Tallulah and Wai

(Photo by Tallulah, Floral Arrangement by Paul – The Garden Sanctuary)